– At Convenient Music we made it absolutely convenient for you to license our music.
– We work with only 4 different licenses, that is 1 non-commercial and 3 commercial licenses.
All tracks are pre-cleared and ready to use in your production instantly!
– To calculate the exact licensing for your music, just choose the appropriate licensing option at the track page.




1. Non-Broadcast, Non-Distribution Licensing

Private/Corporate/Organization, Theatre and Competition Uses (performance, presentation, seminar, meeting, trade show, in-house video, training video, in-office, in-facility, in-store, music-on-hold, competition, or theatrical use)


2. Broadcasting and Distribution Licensing

Product for Sale or Give-Away (Embedded in electronic device or game, video game, software product, or embedded in CD, DVD, greeting card, toy or similar manufactured product)

Television Show Production (for any production or show meant for television, other than ad)

Short Film or Commercial Video (small video project or short film less than 25 minutes. For festival use, or within specific territory or on the Internet, with optional physical distribution.)

Film or Motion Picture Production (feature film, movie, documentary or similar – For film/video projects 25 minutes or longer or that will be broadcast, distributed and/or used on the Internet.)


3. Advertising and Internet Licensing

Internet Non-Commercial Use (personal, non-profit, educational, informational site, webcast or web video)

Internet Advertising or Internet Commercial Use (commercial Web site, ad, webcast, ident, bumper, or any Web-based ad)

TV Commercial or Advertising (for commercial, promo, infomercial, ident, bumper or similar)

Radio Advertising or Production – (for radio ad, promo, announcement, ident, bumper, intro or content)

Trailer for Film or Motion Picture for theatrical or broadcast use (trailer, preview, intro, extro)


4. All Media Buyout

Buyout License for use in all media, in perpetuity, throughout the Universe.

ULTIMATE VALUEPay once, use it forever in any media. A buyout license from Convenient Music gives you ultimate flexibility in your use of this track. With a buyout license, you can utilize this track for your project in all media (TV, Internet, radio, DVD, etc.), throughout the world, forever!   This is the perfect option for filmmakers, TV producers, game developers and others creating content or products for sale, or for multi-media ad campaigns, where you do not want to have any recurring licensing fees for the use of this music track in your project and require perpetual-use rights.

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